Meeting Crissi has given me the last piece to my health and fitness journey. Being Vegan on and off just did not work for me in the past as being into fitness i just couldnt get both worlds to coexist.

Working in the industry myself, Crissi has been someone I can trust to guide me to the next level. Her genuine cause, wholistic views and obviously extensive knowledge gave me faith, a rare find to have all those qualities. I finally found someone in alignment, with my own values of health first and aesthetics second.

I have wanted to compete as a bodybuilder for years but have never found someone who did it the holistic or healthy way. I value too much my mental and physical state to hand it over to just anyone.

Coaches need coaches and Crissi is an amazing mentor and an inspiration to boot. I am grateful to know her and look forward to letting her coach me to the stage in 2015.

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