• IFBB Pro League Bikini Masters & NPC Naturals Masters 40+ Champion, USA
  • Online Trainer & Coach
  • CEO & Founder of Vegan Fitness International group
  • Private Chef at Vegan Fitness Foods
  • Author of Vegan Fitness Food, ‘For a Lean Healthy Body’ ebook
  • Australian Ninja Warrior
  • CEO Goodness Gracias Plant-based Mexican Cantina

Crissi Carvalho

Welcome to my website, and congratulations for taking the first step in a positive lifestyle change. My reason for being here is discussed in detail below. I hope that, by sharing all that I have overcome and the story of how I re-educated myself I can now lead by example and inspire change in you too.

The very beginning

I started in the fitness industry at the young age of 16 and spent 12 years in personal training, teaching aerobics and competing in both sport aerobics and fitness model comps, back then better known as body shaping. I have practiced and taught all the traditional fitness industry diet and training methods. All of this left me with some eating disorders and a negative mindset in my 20s. And, sadly, ALL these teachings still go on today, some 30 years later!

At the age of 50 and after almost 11 years back to back competing globally as a Vegan, since making the transition I am still thriving on this lifestyle. Read on to find out why I changed to this lifestyle over 10 years ago,

Why Veganism?

I made the switch at 39 years old to Veganism for a number of reasons. First, there was a cancer health scare when I was 36 years old, on top of the fact that I had constant acne, bloating and migraines. Then I lost my best friend ‘Zinni’ to cancer at the young age of 38. Thou, I became even more committed to Veganism, when I became aware of the animal cruelty involved in the meat and dairy industry. Shocked that I could be part of this system, I decided to stop eating meat, forever.

Getting back to nature is so important on so many levels. We need to stop animal cruelty, in particular mass industrial slaughter farming, and become more environmental aware and help maintain and create more sustainable ecosystems. Mass agriculture is one of the major contributors to global warming, it’s polluting rivers and oceans and destroying forests around the world.

The rise in heart disease, and cancer are all due to excessive meat and dairy consumption. Paradoxically, the countries with the highest osteoporosis are the ones with the highest consumption of dairy…while on the other hand the countries with the lowest meat consumption have the lowest rates of all cancers and of the number one killer, heart disease.

The best and kindest thing we can do for our own health and well-being is to eat less meat, save animal lives and end the cruelty. This lifestyle also helps restore our environment…and our earth ‘s future depends on it.

It’s really a win-win situation for all.

CC xxx

Vegan Fitness & Health Career Highlights


  • Vegan Fitness Food Chef, vegan meal prep service business
  • Vegan Fitness Model international online coaching launched


  • Evolved Generation Team Ambassador
  • Vegan Fitness Body designer fitness wear and bikinis
  • Author of Vegan Fitness Food ‘for a lean healthy body’ recipe ebook


  • Arnold Classic Australia Bikini Masters Champion
  • Grand Opening of the 1st Vegan Fitness Studio, in Australia
  • Arnold Classic Asia Hong Kong – International Athlete representing Australia


  • Vegan Fitness Model team represents at the Naturally Fit Games Texas
  • 3x Vegan Fitness Model clients PRO Bikini Winners 
  • Hardcore Vegans Creative Director – 1st Team Photoshoot and Online Global launch
  • Ninja Warrior Australia – 1st National TV Debut
  • Arnold Classic Europe Spain – International Athlete representing Australia
Fitness & Bikini Bodybuilding Competition Success


  • 5th Place IFBB Body Shaping


  • 2nd Place NABBA Body Shaping
  • 3rd Place Team Sport Aerobics Championships

May 2014

  • 3rd INBA Bikini Momma
  • 2nd INBA Fitness Model over 40s

June 2014

  • 3rd ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Model over 30s

Sept 2014

  • 1st INBA Bikini Model Over 40s
  • INBA Overalls Bikini Round
  • 4th INBA Fitness Model Over 40s

Oct 2014

  • 2nd INBA Nationals Fitness Model Over 40s
  • 1st IFBB Bikini Model Masters

March 2015

  • 5th Arnolds IFBB Nationals Bikini Masters 35+

May 2015

  • 2nd INBA Bikini Masters
  • 2nd INBA Fitness Masters
  • 3rd INBA Fitness Momma
  • 1st WBFF Bikini Diva 35s+

September 2015

  • 1st INBA Fitness Bikini Model 30s+

October 2015

  • 3rd WBFF Bikini Diva 35s+
  • 2nd INBA Fitness Bikini Model 30s+
  • 6th INBA Fitness Model Opens

February 2016

  • 1st IFBB Gold Coast Classic Bikini Masters 35s+

March 2016

  • 1st Arnold Classic Australian Bikini Masters 35s+ Champion

July 2016

  • 2nd IFBB All Female Classic Bikini Model Masters 35s+
  • 1st IFBB Australasia Bikini Model Masters Champion 35s+

August 2016

  • 6th Place Finalist Arnold Classic Asia, Hong Kong Bikini Masters 35s+

February 2017

  • IFBB State Arnold Classic Qualifier Bikini Opens

March 2017

  • 3rd Arnold Classic Australia Bikini Opens
  • 4th Arnold Classic Australia Bikini Masters

July  2017

  • 2nd IFBB All Female & Arnold Classic Europe Qualifier Bikini Masters

September 2017

  • Arnold Classic Europe Bikini Opens & Masters Semi Finals

February  2018

  • 1st Arnold Classic State Qualifier Bikini Masters

March 2018

  • 5th Arnold Sports Festival USA Bikini Masters
  • 3rd Arnold Sports Festival Australia Bikini Masters


November 2021

NPC Naturals , USA

  • 1st Bikini Masters 40+
  • 1st Bikini Masters 45+
  • 3rd Bikini Masters 35+
  • Overall Bikini Masters 40+

December 2021

  • 4th Place USA Masters 45+