Being a health and aesthetics coach means to me helping re-educate you and to arm you with knowledge for a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable for life.

After over 35 years in the health, wellness and fitness industry, I am convinced that the best way to live a lifestyle that is healthy, lean and fit is through consuming-life regenerating, raw organic living foods, in particular plant-based whole-foods, while at the same time excluding refined processed and chemically-enhanced foods whenever possible. It’s the quality of food, not the quantity. I also help you assess how well your body processes, digests, metabolises, assimilates and eliminates all that we ingest on a day-to-day basis.

My nutritional approach is plant-based whole foods, variety and balance. A combination of all macronutrients, not excluding any food groups or requiring clients to supplement. Inner terrain modification is key, we need to be re-energized from the inside in order to get the results on the outside that we are so desperately seeking. We pay so much attention to the exterior image that we become confused, fatigued, malnourished and dehydrated, this can lead to body dysmorphia and finally burn-out from the many fad-diets that society bombards us with.

If we can take the time to heal the body first, rejuvenating it and nourishing it with the best whole-foods on offer to us, we will get the results we want, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Remember, ‘everything in the body is connected’.

Would ‘we’ be a good fit for coaching?

I have personally now coached and helped thousands of women around the world, over the past 11 years working as a online vegan sports coach. My clients include athletes, mums, personal trainers, doctors, nurses, busy corporates, retires, nutritionists/dieticians, wellness and alternative health practitioners and fitness industry experts.

I work mainly with women, and of all ages.

At 20, most of us don’t worry about our internal bodies but only about our external image. Our body during our 20s is VERY forgiving, allowing us to stay fit, lean and strong ‘no matter what’ we throw at it. However, all that we do to our bodies during this time, catches up with us in our 30s, and if we continue the onslaught, the result is dis-ease. By the young age of 40, most women and men are on some form of medication, drug, potion or pill because they are overweight, injured, depressed, sick, diseased or just unhappy. We need to take responsibility for our own health and get to the ROOT cause of the problems rather than continuing to medicate the symptoms.

My promise to you is that you will learn about internal health first. FOOD is FUEL. I treat all food as a gift, and the plant-based meal plan I design for you is based on nutrients 1st, as nature intended.

Exercise is important; you will need to do some most days for general health results. Exercise does NOT need to be hard-core; it is therapy or should be playtime for the body. Our skeletal, muscle, nervous and lymphatic systems all depend on it….our heart and lungs need it.

If you are ready to implement lifestyle changes, all of my programs will help you form new healthy habits and then these NEW habits, become part of your healthy lifestyle. Creating a successful sustainable thriving living is the key to longevity.

For 12 years, I have always practice what I preach. My results, have remained easy to maintain for the longterm, therefore can promise you the same results longterm. I am certainly, not a perfect in my personal nutrition or exercise regime every week, but I remain consistent and enjoy the ease of it.

I look forward to helping you reach those dreams and goals you have, and be the best version you can be.

Yours in good health,

Crissi xxx