Which program will best suit me, as I’m confused which one to choose?

You can start on any program, therefore it is best to read what is and isn’t included in each program. If you new to the Vegan lifestyle or to fitness, pick one of the GOLD or Silver coaching packages so I can guide you through the process. Or if you have some experience eating plant‐based and currently workout a lil Silver or Bronze package will be perfect. Or lastly, if you just after some meal planning ideas, support from a private group and some basic guidelines on how to eat and train for fat‐loss then the Bronze or the Entry membership package will be the best suited.

Do I have to be Vegan to do your Fat­‐loss & Fitness Program?

No. I have many people that weren’t vegan before doing my programs; most clients have remained vegetarian or vegan.

DO I have to be fit before I start your programs?

No. As this is also a lifestyle program, not just for fast fat‐loss…I work all my personalised programs into your lifestyle.

I don’t go the gym, do you tailor for home gym programs?

Yes. I personally train mostly outside of a gym and encourage you also. I have sample home gym exercise programs and I can also tailor one to what equipment you have available also.

I need to put on muscle mass, can I do this being Vegan?

Yes. Yes. The biggest strongest animals on earth are plant eaters, greens are one of the best sources of protein, fibre and nutrients to help build muscles.

Will I get enough protein on a Vegan Diet?

Yes. Yes. Yes. A wholefood vegan diet is loaded with protein. You can get protein from, beans, tofu, tempeh, legumes, nuts, seeds and all grains.

Can your programs help with bloating?

Yes. My programs take on a WHOLE‐istic approach to meal planning. Bloating can be from wrong food combining, too much fat in meals, portion size, dehydration, constipation etc. Most clients have relief from bloating after the first week or 2 on my programs.

How much time do I need for the meal planning, as I work full‐time?

Allow 2­‐3hrs per week, to shop, prepare and cook. Recipes are easy and quick to prepare.

Will I maintain my fat‐loss after I finish your programs?

YES. The beauty of my programs, are they educate you along the way. Everything you learn, you implement into your lifestyle…thus re-­creating a new healthier you. Most client have found their husband, wife and families taking on the lifestyle changes too.

DO I receive support, whilst on the Vegan Fitness Model Programs?

Depending on your level of Membership, you always have 24/7 private group support, to ask questions and various Q/A days throughout the week. If you are have a Gold or Silver package you receive tracking of your food diary, plus private echat coaching from me (Crissi).

I want to compete in a fitness or bikini model completion, but never have done anything like it before? Can you help me?

Yes. I have the GOLD membership for competition preparation, for anyone that has a dream of getting into tip top lean shape! I prep any age, my clients range from 21 years old to 51 years old…I competed back when I was 19 years old and now as a vegan over 40 years of age…my body is even better! You may need more than 10 weeks, programs are easily upgraded thereafter.

What is vegan?

A person who does not eat or use animal products and oppose the use of animals and animal products for any purpose.