How did you hear about the VFM Program and Crissi Carvalho?

I have been following Crissi online for over a year. I was totally impressed with her and had to join her program.

How did you feel before your VFM program? Were you happy with yourself? Did you feel healthy?

Before the VFM program I was completely lost. I had competed in my 1st Figure competition in May of this year and had a trainer that was not familiar with vegan athletes and truly didn’t know how to manage my diet. I did not feel healthy at all, I actually felt deprived.

Were you vegan before starting your VFM program?

Yes, I’ve been a vegan for 3 years now! Was a vegetarian since the age of 15 and am also lactose intolerant so going vegan was naturally the next step 🙂

What were your goals when signing up to your program? Did you achieve those goals?

My goal is to build muscle the correct way without starvation. I am happy to say that the short time I’ve been in Crissi’s program I have seen muscle gains and tonicity. I am seeing changes that I never saw in the months of training I did before! I am achieving my goals and honestly am in better shape now that I was when I walked on stage in May, and I still have 2 months to go!

How quickly/slowly did you start seeing results?

I saw results within the first 2 weeks.

Are you now closer to your goals? How has Crissi helped you to achieve those goals?

Yes!!! I am totally closer to my goals. Crissi helped me understand the amount of food necessary to keep my body going. I am literally working out all the time and food is the necessary fuel my body needs. She also shared the fact that you can certainly build muscle and lean out on a high carb diet!!

Has your VFM program changed your life? How? What about your family and friends lives?

This program has completely changed my life. In the past because of the deprivation of food and unconventional methods of training I was grumpy ALL the time. Now, I’m much happier and my family appreciates it immensely.

List three key points you have learned from your VFM program.

  1. You can certainly build muscle on a Vegan Diet
  2. You don’t have to starve your body in order to see muscle growth.
  3. Creative meal ideas and delicious food is possible as a Vegan athlete.

Will you continue to follow the VFM lifestyle now that your program has ended?

Thankfully my program has not ended and even when it does, I will continue to follow Crissi’s recommendations and am a Vegan for life.

Have other people noticed changes in you? Have you inspired them?

YES!!! That is the best part!! My family has seen a difference; my hubby has seen a complete difference in my dedication and how my body looks. He says I am an inspiration to not only him but to many who are over the age of 50!

Did/are you enjoy/ing the program?

Love this program and the very supportive community.

Would you recommended it to friends and family?

YES!! I already have!!

Have you set any new goals for the future?

I want to continue this program and be an example to busy women and moms over the age of 50 everywhere. No more excuses or using age as an excuse. If I can transform my body than anyone can!!

My goal is also to build more muscle and tone my mid section 🙂

Please tell us anything else you LOVED about your VFM Program!

I love the community! It’s wonderful to see other women who are also transforming their health and their lifestyle!! I am so glad that I found this program and am grateful for Crissi!!

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