Simone S. Gold Coast, AUS

Hi, my name is Simone Simpson.  I have over 10 years experience as a personal trainer, 6 years as a holistic nutritionist- I specialised in digestive health as a colon hydrotherapist, I considered myself someone who didn’t really “need” a coach for me to improve from where I was physically – how naive I was!  

14 years ago I stepped on stage for the first time and if I am honest with myself and everyone reading this, I wrecked myself mentally, emotionally and physically (especially with my digestion & external physical body)  I had an extremely unhealthy idea/ relationship with the sport of competing on stage as a figure/bodybuilder.  I associated so many bad emotions/fears with the sport, I thought if I ever competed again, to be prepared to be “wrecked” again.  

16 weeks ago I committed to jumping back on that stage, vegan, strong, fit & healthy!  I did just that!  

I have witnessed so many women (and men) experience digestive disruption and mental struggles with food and physical exhaustion with comp preparation  – none of these issues reared their heads for me.  With the guidance of Crissi and my taylor made program she designed for me – I have come out on top.  Not only is my body in the best shape it ever has been (yes, I am in better shape @36 than I was at 22!)  I am physically, emotionally and mentally so incredibly strong that I plan on continuing with this sport and taking it further.  


Years ago the thought of competing would send me in a whirlwind of depression.  When the body is starved of correct nutrition, it’s common to be depressed!  I was reluctant to revisit & enter any competitions as for me, health is now way more important than aesthetics.  Thats the beauty about how Crissi does things, she puts health first, but she has tied it all in beautifully to get her clients to their optimum physical self, whilst staying mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.  It is perfect!  


This sport has sadly been given such a bad wrap over the years, but the thing is – It is not the sport that is the bad guy – the choices the athlete makes regarding what goes in their body/ how they train that makes the sport healthy or not!  Mentally, physically & emotionally the athlete needs to be supported correctly.  Once all these things are looked after, it is literally win win! – Crissi has absolutely nailed it, which is why she is able to compete on the level that she has, the consistency speaks for itself.  


Thank you Crissi, for literally showing me how to get the absolute best out of my body, on absolutely every level!  


Much love,