How did you hear about the VFM Program and Crissi Carvalho?

My husband had been following a lot of vegan bodybuilders online and came across Crissi. He recommended Crissi after he saw the amazing results her clients had and he knew I wanted to continue to eat a high carb diet, which Crissi recommends.

How did you feel before your VFM program?

I felt all right.  From 2008-2013 I surfed competitively while living in Puerto Rico where I was born and raised.  I spent several hours in the water every day and was in amazing shape without ever having to go in a gym.  When my husband had to move to Florida where the waves aren’t good I felt like I wasn’t in great shape like I was in Puerto Rico.  I worked out frequently, but didn’t really know what I was doing and I was never very consistent at all.  I was able to get into pretty good shape for my wedding in June, but after the wedding I felt like I was getting lazy and lacked motivation to train.  I needed some structure and some motivation because I wanted to be in the best shape of my life and I knew it was possible.



Were you happy with yourself?

I was relatively happy with myself, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with my body.  I had a few problem areas that I have always wanted to fix.

Did you feel healthy?

I was very healthy.  I had been eating a high carb vegan diet for several years, but I didn’t regulate or properly track my macros.

Were you vegan before starting your VFM program?


What were your goals when signing up to your program?

I have always been very fit, but I had never had the body of my dreams.  I wanted to tone my legs and have impressive abs!

Did you achieve those goals?

Yes! I am in the best shape of my life and have the leanest most toned figure I have ever had.

How quickly/slowly did you start seeing results?

I started seeing results within the first two weeks.  I started to notice my arms and abs were more toned already.

How did Crissi help you to achieve those goals?

I have always had trouble with motivation and consistency.  Crissi provided the structure and motivation that I have always needed.  She created an easy to follow exercise plan using equipment I already had in my house and a diet that I could easily adhere to.  She also provided me with accountability by constantly checking my food diary and exercise log.  She provided encouragement and motivation and made it so easy to succeed!

Did you find the coaching sessions and regular (MFP) My Fitness Pal tracking helpful in your progress?

Yes, I found the coaching sessions and MFP tracking vital to achieving my goals.   I also found the private Facebook group to be beneficial because all of the other people in the group were very supportive and inspirational.

Has your VFM program changed your life? If so how?

Yes. I always thought I was training hard.  I had no idea how much more I could do.  Crissi’s program challenged me and allowed me to achieve goals that I never thought were possible. I look back on my transformation and I am so proud of what I accomplished and the effort I put in.

What about your family and friends lives?

My husband George is so proud of me for finishing the program and never missing a workout!  He has also learned a tremendous amount about meal preparation and methods of body transformation.

List three key points you have learned from your VFM program.

  1. How to properly manipulate macro nutrients to achieve my desired fitness goals.
  2. How to push myself and workout hard to transform my body.
  3. How to set goals and achieve them.  I could have never done what I did without Crissi inspiring me and holding me accountable.

Will you continue to follow the VFM lifestyle now that your program has ended?

Definitely, I will continue to train and eat properly to maintain my hard earned results.  I have also been inspired to see how much more I can accomplish and I am considering a bikini competition in the future.

Have other people noticed changes in you?

Yes.  My husband tells me, I am the best I have ever looked. All of my friends and family have also commented on how strong and fit I look.

Have you inspired them?

Yes.  I have become a better representative for the vegan lifestyle and many people have asked me for advice on their physique goals. I use that as an opportunity to promote the vegan lifestyle.

Did you enjoy the program?

Yes.  It took a lot of dedication and hard work, but I have a tremendous sense of accomplishment and a drive to accomplish even more in the future.

Would you recommended it to friends and family?

Absolutely.  I already have recommended it to several people because I know anyone who follows the program is guaranteed success.

Have you set any new goals for the future?

I am considering competing in the future.

Please tell us anything else you LOVED about your VFM Program!

The Vegan Fitness Model program was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  I completed the silver package, which was an 8 week transformation.  I was in pretty decent shape to begin with, but I wanted to attain the best body I have ever had.  The support I received from Crissi was phenomenal and she inspired me to accomplish more than I ever thought possible.  We had regular coaching sessions that always empowered me and made me feel like I could conquer anything.  She also regularly checked my fitness pal diary and provided advice and recommendations on how to better fuel my body.  I also received so much invaluable support from the Vegan Fitness Model Facebook group that gave me a tremendous sense of community.

I am very happy with my results! My stomach and legs are the most toned they have ever been and I am so confident with my body.

My results are great, but they are nothing compared to the sense of accomplishment I have for completing the program.  I have always had a hard time sticking with workout plans or diets, but I was so motivated and inspired throughout the Vegan Fitness Model Program that I was able to push myself harder than ever.  Before this program, I underestimated myself and what my body was capable of. Now I know that if I set my mind to it, I can accomplish anything.  I have learned so many good habits, and more importantly how to persevere and push through self imposed barriers.  I am so grateful for Crissi teaching me those skills that I will have for life.

Coach Crissi’s word on Natalie results

Natalie was very easy to coach, she had the desire and passion to succeed from the beginning of her program, and anything I set for her to achieve throughout her 8 weeks she did it. Natalie has a great body to begin with, so to get to that next level of athletic conditioning does take careful planning. I needed to get her meal planning and training exactly perfect, so she would ooze with energy, increase strength and muscle tone all whilst leaning up a little further to see her ab’s pop through. I have recommended she compete in a Bikini competition, as she is in peak condition already to take the stage by storm! Another Vegan Bikini Fitness Model in the making!

Well-done Natalie, this is just the beginning.

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