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How did you hear about the VFM Program and Crissi Carvalho?

A friend of mine had signed up and recommended Crissi. Also when I met with Luke Tan he also recommended Crissi.

How did you feel before your VFM program?

I was unhappy with my weight and overwhelmed with information. I was focusing too much on wanting to build muscle but had lots of body fat to lose first.

Were you vegan before starting your VFM program?

Yes, for about three and a half years.

What were your goals when signing up to your program?

To lose body fat but also to find a routine (for food and activity) that works for me, and that I could adopt permanently, not just for a ‘diet’. On advice of Luke Tan, I decided to put all my trust in Crissi, to trust the process and not overthink things. So my goals were body fat loss, but also to put my own doubts aside and not to allow myself to get overwhelmed with too much outside information.

Did you achieve those goals? If, not why?

My body fat started dropping quickly. I am not at my ‘goal body’ yet and have lots of body fat/loose skin to go but this is my own fault­­ if I had followed Crissi’s advice 100% every day I would be closer to my goal!

How quickly/slowly did you start seeing results?

In terms of my clothes fitting better, probably about four weeks however I had a lot of fat to begin with! After the first say 12 weeks there was a definite big change, I had to throw away some clothes that were too big and people were commenting.

Are you now closer to your goals?


How did Crissi help you to achieve those goals?

Crissi outlined my plan for me after asking me lots of questions. I followed her plan and saw results, even when the times I was following it say 80%. My best results were always when following 100%, of course!

Crissi also helped me just by being a source of inspiration both online and in person. I am very confident she knows her stuff and so I am very happy to follow her advice without overthinking it. I trust in the process she has outlined for me because it has worked!

Did you find the coaching sessions and regular (MFP) My Fitness Pal tracking helpful in your progress?

For me MFP is extremely important for meeting my goals. Not only for making sure I don’t go over my macros, but also making sure I don’t under eat.

Has your VFM program changed your life? How?

Yes, I now know what works for me, not just for fat loss but also in terms of structuring a routine that works. I’m a busy mum with two children at home and the meal preps for my own meals four/five days in a row have been a massive stress relief. There have been days where I’ve been sick or not able to prepare food, so having a ready meal in the fridge has been wonderful.

I’ve also learned that for me, HCLF definitely works. Previously I thought to lose weight I had to go low carb high protein. On Crissi’s plan I was certain she or I made a mistake with the portions because there was so much food! But of course it’s was all correct and I’m amazed my fat dropped so quickly without me ever feeling hungry or lethargic. So from now on I am confidently sticking to a HCLF and I still use Crissi’s meals, or make my own HCLF and keep to the same macros and portion sizes.

What about your family and friends lives?

My family not so much (young kids and non­ vegan husband) but some of my friends and relatives are rethinking their position on not only vegan food but eating more wholefoods and trying HCLF.

List three key points you have learned from your VFM program.

  1. Always stick to my macros and portion size
  2. Meal prepping is essential to success and a huge stress relief.
  3. HCLF really does work for me, despite my old mindset that carbs had to be reduced for fat loss.

Will you continue to follow the VFM lifestyle now that your program has ended?

Definitely, for me it’s a lifelong change.

Have other people noticed changes in you? Have you inspired them?

I have received lots of comments about having lost weight some of my relatives are asking me what I’ve done so they can make some changes.

Did you enjoy the program? Would you recommended it to friends and family?

Yes I’ve enjoyed it very much and always recommend it. I will follow this way of eating for life because for me it’s a lifestyle change, not a temporary thing.

Have you set any new goals for the future?

More body fat loss. I don’t want to set any numbers like scales weight etc because I threw my scales away, but to lose another two dress sizes would be good.

Please tell us anything else you LOVED about your VFM Program!

  1. The private Facebook support group is fantastic
  2. Seeing Crissi and other women in their 40s and over achieving so much and looking so fine has helped me get out of the mindset that I’m old and blergh and why bother etc etc
  3. I love that none of my old clothes fit! I was previously wearing a size 16 or L­XL. Now when I buy clothes I reach straight for the size 12 or M.
  4. One of my goals was to wear shorts I was never confident to wear shorts and always wore jeans in summer. Now it’s shorts all the time!
  5. This program has me convinced that if I ever decided to get up on stage, then having Crissi as my coach is a must!

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