How did you hear about the VFM Program and Crissi Carvalho?

I was looking for a vegan fitness coach that could help me with my goals and via Instagram, I found the Vegan fitness model. Crissi represented all the things that I needed from a coach, she provides healthy vegan ethical help and does a damn good job with getting you to your goals!

How did you feel before your VFM program?

Since my mid twenties the weight just snuck up on me and as a kettlebell coach I wasn’t comfortable with my self, always feeling bloated and always having to buy new jeans after every vacation, even if I trained “all the time” during vacation, I still gained weight…After the summer of 2015 I had enough of it. I had to change, I actually had to change my whole lifestyle and I did it!

What were your goals when signing up to your program?

I wanted to be me! Sounds silly, but I always imagined my self as healthy, muscular, toned, happy and alert. I wanted to be able to train for and accomplish competitions within kettlebell sport and feel strong without having to lose my breath in the middle of a set. I was the total opposite of my mental picture of myself. I was tired, bloated and never had energy enough to lift heavier and faster. I really never had the energy to train for my competitions and during training and coaching I felt drained…I really wanted to feel energized and strong! I needed energy somehow and I knew that my lifestyle had to change. Within two weeks on the program I felt my energy levels go up! It felt amazing, I finally had energy stores and I wasn’t losing my breath, quite the opposite! I did two competitions during this program and felt amazing during both times! I got a silver medal at the international competition Ultimate Girevik cup – Half marathon in Long cycle – 60kg! My energy levels were so high and I felt like a real athlete! Just after two weeks I could also wear my old jeans, they fit better than ever!

How quickly/slowly did you start seeing results?

After two weeks I could see the results, old jeans fitted better then ever, energy levels went up and after four weeks friends and family started complimenting me.

Did you reach your goals? How did Crissi help you to achieve those goals?

I did two comps during this program. I compete within strength endurance (kettlebell sport) and Crissi had a really good understanding of how to help me during both comps. Crissi coached me all the way, she helped me with my mental picture of myself, helped me getting more energized, always had meals plans and training plans ready at the right time during this process. She also provided healthy advice on food intake, because I had no clue of what I was doing. She is really professional and I felt so cared of all the time, even with the time difference with me being in Sweden and Crissi in Australia. Crissi also knew how to adjust training and food programs days before competition, so that I was able to maximize goal output. This was very valuable to me, so that I could feel ready come comp day!

Did you find the coaching sessions and regular (MFP) My Fitness Pal tracking helpful in your progress?

Coaching sessions were essential to the plan/program I don’t think I could have made it this far without being able to get help and advice during these online sessions. Crissi also checked what food I was fueling myself with and that was great! I always could trust that Crissi could easily tweak and correct meal plans. It was also good for my learning curve, because I had to re-educate myself about food. I could also get help very fast via the private Facebook group and ask questions via MFP.

Has your VFM program changed your life? If so, how? What about your family and friends lives?

It has!

I feel more like the person I want to be. I feel happy, healthy and energized!
My friends can see a real difference, they notice that my energy level is up and I look more healthy now and I get compliments for my achievements. My hubby has also adopted the whole food vegan lifestyle and he loves it! He’s like, “Wow, look at the amount of food I can eat and still look and feel great!”. He also lost weight because we cook food together and made it a priority to eat together and have the same food.

List three key points you have learned from your VFM program.

  1. Healthy food and mindset! Not all vegan food is healthy 😉
  2. Always be happy with your achievements, accept drawbacks and learn from them, don’t beat your self up about them. It will only make you stronger not to ☺
  3. If it feels like you can conquer the world with healthy, sustainable, compassionate lifestyle, than do it! Being vegan is awesome!

Will you continue to follow the VFM lifestyle now that your program has ended?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Have other people noticed changes in you? Have you inspired them?

Yes they have!

Hope I have 🙂 My hubby is definitely inspired. He thinks this lifestyle is optimal; he has a very busy training schedule, being both Krav-Maga instructor, kettlebell instructor and also competes in kettlebell sport. Training students are impressed by my achievements; they have noticed a real change in my training and competition output.

Did you enjoy the program?

I did! It’s always hard to get into a lifestyle change, but I quickly noticed the results and adapted to it. When you start to feel good about yourself it’s always easier and health and energy is a reward in itself!

Have you set any new goals for the future?

I have already, next year I will compete in marathon world championship and I want to get a ranking in one-hour kettlebell marathon!

Please tell us anything else you LOVED about your VFM Program!

I felt amazing! It’s a lifestyle change 🙂

Crissi Words on Emma

Emma was my first Kettle bell long cycle client that I have worked with, however working with many clients from similar sports, throughout the years gave me the confidence I could get Emma amazing results for her upcoming competitions. Emma needed increased strength, endurance, fast recovery, solid mindset, she wanted more muscle tone and also to lose body fat.

With a mixture of needs and results she smashed through it all. Emma, always kept all her scheduled coaching sessions, stayed on track plus she was motivated and passionate all the way through. Emma asked questions, shared her journey and implemented everything 100%. I knew Emma would be standing on the podium, against the best of the best. Well-done Emma, I can’t wait to see what your future brings you and I loved coaching and sharing your journey to the podium, all healthy and of course all hi-carb vegan!

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