I joined the ‘Bikini Body’ program in the hope of building strength and muscle and getting a nice flat tummy again. What I got was this and so much more. I gained the body of my dreams and an inner strength, confidence and self-love I did not expect.

I am a 48-year-old Crossfit athlete and mother of 4. Before I found Crissi I was eating a healthy wholefood vegetarian diet.

I believed I was not getting enough protein to gain strength and lift heavier weights as I had plateaued and my energy levels were all over the place.

I was loosing body fat at around 1% every 6 months- a very slow process.

Meeting Crissi and joining the program was one of the best choices I have made.

Crissi showed me where I had been going wrong with my diet and educated me on the correct choices for me to hit my goals. Crissi teaches you how to do it for yourself so when you finish the program you have the knowledge to work things out.

I committed to the program, stuck with it 100%, instantly I notice results- my energy increased and it was constant. I was lifting heavier everyday and hitting PBs constantly and the bodyfat was melting away.

Within 8 weeks –

  • I had increased all my lifts massively.
  • I gained 1kg of muscle
  • I had lost 5% bodyfat
  • I was sleeping like a baby and was bursting out of my skin with energy

The biggest gift I received though was my newfound confidence and self belief. I fell in love with myself.

Then something amazing happened after my ‘Bikini Body’ program finished, inspired by others in the Vegan fitness Model private Facebook group, I decided to enter a Bikini Model competition!

I did not start the program to get on stage, but as my relationship with myself changed I decided to push myself, I signed up for the ‘Gold’ Fitness Model comp prep package and I did my first competition in May 2015 and I came 3rd in the INBA over 40s Bikini Model division, standing on the podium with my coach Crissi, whom placed 2nd!!

I went on to compete one more time, this time with minimal coaching from Crissi and was able to compete in the WBFF Bikini Diva over 35s in October 2015, alongside my coach Crissi once a gain.

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