Personalised Meal Plan Only

USD $150.00

Crissi will write you a detailed healthy whole food meal plan, please allow up to 7 working days to receive your plans.

Please NOTE: This is NOT a cookie-cutter meal plan, hence the cost and time it takes.

  • Personalized Structured Meal Plan, with 4 variations per meal per day.
  • A personalised MACROnutrients guide for flexible dieting to reach your goals. This includes your ideal Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein and of course Fibre and Water plus micronutrients
  • Personalised caloric goals that you will require each day for best results on your healthy, wholefood meal plan.
  • Flexible dieting and IIFYM options that fit within you’re set nutritional guidelines and personalised meal plan.
  • Meal Planning Overview, with your BMR and personalised specs.
  • Shopping list to guide you in your meal prep.
  • Built-in update for you to advance towards your goals.
  • Hints and tips on the best pre & post-training meals and drinks, meal timing, intermittent fasting, portion sizes and more to keep you on a fast track towards your goals.
  • A lifestyle macronutrient and calorie guide to keeping you lean and healthy once you have reached your goals. This is a sustainable lifestyle plan for you to follow as a healthy wholefood vegan.
  • All meal plans include vegan whole foods, preferably organic and very few unprocessed food options with no costly ingredients required.
  • NO SUPPLEMENTS are required, however vegan protein powders are allowed and optional for each individual to reach their macronutrient goals.
  • Options for soy-free, nut-free, gluten-free or a mostly raw food meal plans!

Once payment has been made via Paypal, you will then be redirected to fill out the Health Assessment Form



NO coaching or personal consultation with Crissi is included with this meal plan. You will be directed to an online Health Assessment Form in order to gather the relevant personal information, including current health status, dietary and food habits, any food intolerances, food likes and dis-likes etc.

Crissi will analyse your starting point and your desired goals, then write you a thorough meal plan based on all the information you have provided.

You will receive your personalised Meal Plan within 7 working days from when you complete the online Health Assessment Form.

*No Refunds, partial refunds, exchanges or post dating of services.