How did you hear about the VFM Program and Crissi Carvalho?

A lady I have known since a little girl knew I wanted to one day compete  in a body building comp, she had sent me a link to Crissi on Facebook.

I then had the decision to make between training the regular way with a PT from Adelaide or choosing to train with Crissi, online.  Being my very random person I decided to go for an even bigger challenge and train vegan style with Crissi!!

How  did you feel before your VFM program? Were you happy with yourself? Did you feel  healthy?

Before my VFM program I was not happy with my appearance or the way I felt.  Eating meat  would make me feel gassy and bloated and upset my bowls. Seafood was not so bad.

I did not like my body shape as I, like many women carry any extra body fat on my butt, thighs and stomach.

My weight was 53kg and I think my body fat must have been at least 24. Before my VFM program I used an online trainer with the typical carnivore/om nivore diet, he trained me as if I was going in a comp because that’s what I wanted to  experience, but I found the diet made me feel so hungry and even dizzy and I gave up because it was just horrible.

Were you vegan before starting your VFM program?

I  was  not  vegan  before  starting  Crissi’s  program.  My  diet  would consist of   milk,  Greek  yoghurt,  the  occasional  cheese,  beef  mince,  turkey  mince  OMG  I  cant  believe  I  ate  Turkey  mince, Salmon, Barramundi, Oysters and of course Chicken plus fruit and veg. My diet has  always been very healthy and balanced.

What were your goals when signing up to your program?

My goals were first wanting to compete in my first body building co mp. Crissi had suggested  going Bikini Novice, Bikini Momma and Bikini Novice over 30’s an d so that’s what I did :).  I wanted to be stronger; I wanted to also prove to myself that I could do  it even with an old  injury  to  my  right  shoulder  that  had  got  in  the  way  of  me  competing   in  the  past.  I  also  wanted to be a good role model for my boys of 15 and 19 years of age.

Did you achieve those goals?

I definitely achieved my goals and more. I came 4 th  in the Novice over 30’s Bikini division and  finally achieved my dream of being on stage under the spot light.


How quickly/slowly did you start seeing results?

I started seeing results within the first 2 weeks of my program, I was feeling a  little lethargic  but as Crissi explained to me, my body was detoxing. I could tell  I had already lost some  body fat as my clothes sat differently. My boyfriend also said I looked  hotter lololol!!

Are you now closer to your goals? How did Crissi help you to achieve those goals?

I achieved my goal of being on stage in May this year. My next goal  is competing again in  2016 maybe in season A but definitely in season B.  Crissi was amazing, she guided me through everything, from the first day sort ing out the  challenging MFP app all the way until comp day. Crissi gave me so much confidence and the  knowledge to understand the process I was going through. She taught me that  we do not  need to eat animals to live a healthy life. I have more compassion and  she has helped me  open my eyes to the cruelty that happens that so many just turn a blind eye too.

Did you find the coaching sessions and regular (MFP) My Fitness Pal tracking helpful in your progress?

Coaching sessions were awesome it allowed Crissi to make sure I was on track, no t just  physically but mentally as well. The MFP diary tracking and accountability, allowed me to be  able to hit my macros, and I learnt to hit it spot on woohoo !!! I  NOW love MFP.

Has your VFM program changed your life? How? What about your family and  friends lives?

My VFM program has changed me in that I feel healthier, lighter, I’m  so proud of what I’ve  accomplished. Going to interstate to Queensland and meeting Crissi and the other girls and  having the photo shoot done was so much fun and made me feel like  a model. I had a few negative comments about my appearance as my body fat was dropping but also a lot of positives. But once I’d been in the comp and actually made the transition to 100%  Vegan which is our local paper woohoo with another lady from Port Augusta, people had nothing but good comments so that was great.

I noticed I was having an impact on people at work, they were asking me  how I was losing  weight and asking for advice. They also asked about veganism. One of my close friends  managed to go a whole week without meat without me even trying to convert her and now she only eats the occasional bit of seafood.

My 15 year old has decided he would like to go vegetarian, again without me trying to  convert, just through what he had seen me doing and trying the food. He has recently  become full vegan :), and now comes to the gym with me as well, I’m very proud of him. My Son lives with his father and so he, has had to change his diet a little too. They both like  anything vegan I make for them and so he is now slowly transitioning  to being a vegetarian, as he has had no meat or seafood in over 4 months now.  Also my partner from day one became vegan with me, he ate what I ate, made my  meals with me, help me fill in MFP, and trained with me early mornings and night. It would have  been so much harder without his support, so I love him for that.

Even my partners brother who is a really big meat eater, had decided to cut down on meat  products and for him to say and do that is a really big deal for him. My partner was quite sick at the beginning of the year and with a scare of kidney cancer not  long after I started my training it was a little hard to concentrate I wanted t o pull out of  competing as my partner knew it was my dream and so as sick as he was, he convinced me  to push ahead. My partner, results came through negative to cancer so we were  so relieved.  OOOOOOH and before I forget I now have an Awesome Vege patch 🙂

List three key points you have learned from your VFM program.

  1. Dietary support from Crissy was educational, plus proved a vegan diet, is tastier,  more colourful, more filling, healthier and yummier than my previous diet. The online recipes helped a lot here.
  2. As a Vegan you can passively influence others by adopting a vegan lifestyle as you  become an ambassador for the plant based health benefits and an advocate in educating people in the ethical issues related to the farming and slaughtering of animals
  3. C. My personal health benefits. Plus my partner’s  cholesterol has now dropped into healthy range.

Will you continue to follow the VFM lifestyle now that your program  has ended? Will you continue to be vegan?

I  have continued living the VFM lifestyle and I am loving every minute of it. I have remained  Vegan. I’m so glad I made the choice I did. I will not go back  to my old self, although she was pretty awesome too..lol.  I will continue to be vegan and hopefully passively inspire others start to follow in my footsteps.

Have other people noticed changes in you? Have you inspired them?

Yes people comment on my appearance that I’m toned, I look fit and mo st importantly I look  healthy. I would say that I have inspired many people already, as I receive comments like “I admire your compassion”, “I wish I looked like you” or ‘Could you give me some recipes”. My family, my close friends and my partner I have definitely all been inspired. Most recently  my partners doctor congratulating me on changing his diet resulting in low cholesterol levels now.

Did you enjoy the program?

100% I enjoyed the program. It was very challenging at times, but I push myself, as I wanted to achieve my goals. I’m looking forward to my next VFM program in 2016.

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