Simone S

Not only is my body in the best shape it ever has been (yes, I am in better shape @36 than I was at 22!)  I am physically, emotionally and mentally so incredibly strong that I plan on continuing with this sport and taking it further.  

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Hannah L (NFF Pro)

I took first place! I earned my “Pro” card in my first show- and it’s all thanks to Crissi.

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Natalie M

I have always had trouble with motivation and consistency. Crissi provided the structure and motivation that I have always needed.  She created an easy to follow exercise plan using equipment I already had in my house and a diet that I could easily adhere to.  She also provided me with accountability by constantly checking my food diary and exercise log.  She provided encouragement and motivation and made it so easy to succeed!

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Audrey W.

VFM changed my life by showing me how easy it is to be strong, confident and a true athlete as a vegan.

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Emma-Lisa H

I was looking for a vegan fitness coach that could help me with my goals and via Instagram, I found the Vegan fitness model. Crissi represented all the things that I needed from a coach, she provides healthy vegan ethical help and does a damn good job with getting you to your goals!

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Crissi taught me how to properly eat and focus on more compound movements with weights and increase my cardio a little more to reach my goals. I was always afraid to overdo the cardio, thinking I would lose my muscle gains. But I have actually gained more.

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Crissi outlined my plan for me after asking me lots of questions. I followed her plan and saw results, even when the times I was following it say 80%. My best results were always when following 100%, of course!

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100% I enjoyed the program. It was very challenging at times, but I push myself, as I wanted to achieve my goals. I’m looking forward to my next VFM program in 2016.

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Dr. Daisy

Before the VFM program I was completely lost. I had competed in my 1st Figure competition in May of this year and had a trainer that was not familiar with vegan athletes and truly didn’t know how to manage my diet. I did not feel healthy at all, I actually felt deprived.

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Rebecca M

My main goal was to lose weight, until Crissi started talking about inner health and that motivated me to try to get my health under control. I have Crohn’s and was on large amounts of medication, so not good for the body in the long run.

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Hannah S.

Meeting Crissi has given me the last piece to my health and fitness journey. Being Vegan on and off just did not work for me in the past as being into fitness i just couldnt get both worlds to coexist.

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Alice N.

I am a fairly active person, having been familiar with the gym for many years whilst on a healthy “paleo” based diet – high protein, low carbs and moderate fat. I have put myself on different cleanses, detox programs and diets.

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I competed in the INBA QLD State Titles in September 2014. 3 months before the competition, I had was sitting at 14.5% body fat. I followed the advice of a traditional, body builder coach to prep for my first competition and started eating 5 meals per day, all containing eggs or meat. After 8 weeks of this style of dieting, I came in at 12.5% body fat (loss of 2% over 8 weeks).

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Cazzie P.

I joined the ‘Bikini Body’ program in the hope of building strength and muscle and getting a nice flat tummy again. What I got was this and so much more. I gained the body of my dreams and an inner strength, confidence and self-love I did not expect.

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Natasha George

I can’t thank Crissi enough and know that the Vegan diet is right for me and my body. As I was vegetarian for most of my life I feel that being Vegan is no sacrifice and I am able to be a great role model to my kids as they grow up. I will now get to see them grow up which is the main thing. Embracing a Vegan lifestyle not just from a food perspective is very liberating and empowering and I feel much better inside and out for doing it.

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