The Vegan Bikini Body 8 Week Program is designed for you to burn fat and sculpt your body!

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Wholesome Vegan meal plans, which have HIGH carbs to fuel your body, help you to get through each and every day, easily during your Vegan Bikini Body 8-week program. All macros and micronutrients are balanced and NO extreme diet measures are taken to achieve fast body fat loss. This is also a great program for non-vegans who are thinking of transitioning to a healthier lifestyle…the right way.

I can guarantee that you will achieve your goals and feel more energy, that your skin will glow and that you will feel light and happier each day, via following the Vegan Bikini Body whole-food plant-based lifestyle.

Meal Planning

All meal planning and nutritional advice is wholefood vegan-based. Plants, fruits, grains and selected vegan protein sources will be your energy sources, prepared in recipes that contain no refined or processed ingredients, no additives and no artificial products.

By adopting this lifestyle change, you will soon learn that food prep is vital and fun, and that you don’t have to eat boring meals to get in shape. I will give you a diet plan that is optimal for you, so that you can achieve your goals without feeling hungry, hitting plateaus or rebounding afterwards.

You have 3 nutritional options during your Vegan Bikini Body 8 weeks. There is a structured meal plan, a set-out 8-week meal plan and also, a flexible macro plan. There are also, loads of options to be able to work around any intolerances to foods or dislikes plus still hit your goals.

Exercise & Training Program

There are 2x training programs included. You have the option of training from home, using a body weight style program, NO weights is required. Or a beginner weight training program, using dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands and basic home/gym equipment. This is for beginners, mums at home, if you lack time or just not wanting to join a gym or fitness centre. The expected training is 3-4 days a week and approx, 20-45mins each session, depending on your goals.

Facebook Private Group

You will receive lifetime access to the Facebook Private support group and 8 weeks access to the VFM Membership portal. We will answer all your personal questions via the private group and you have access to all previous videos, files and more. This package does not include, one + one coaching or email support. Our Gold & VIP packages are the support packages and on going coaching.

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Vegan Bikini Body 8-Week Package Includes:

  • 8 Week Exclusive Membership Online Portal Access
  • 1 x Vegan Fitness Foods Personalised Meal & Macro Plan written by Crissi
  • 1 x Vegan Fitness Food “For a Lean Healthy Body” ebook FREE!
  • 2x Custom Training plans for home or gym
  • All downloadable & mobile-ready PDFs on training and nutrition education
  • Lifetime Facebook Private Group Access with 24-hour help
  • Email support from Crissi**
  • Weekly Food Tracking Guide and pdfs
  • Shopping lists, recipes and meal plans, training videos plus more!
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