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Welcome to my new ‘all in 1’ personal coaching package.

This program is for anyone, that knows making lifestyle changes are paramount to their longterm health, longevity and aesthetic goals. 

The body transformation package with Crissi offers a VERY personalised service, helping you really understand a healthy balanced lifestyle, that is sustainable. This longterm monthly coaching, is for you to understand .

Your monthly coaching session’s and weekly check ins, with Crissi will help keep you on track to reach your goals. 

Whether your after, fat-loss, building muscle, more energy, stronger, fitter, healthier, slow down ageing, transition to a plant-based lifestyle or get started on your road to bodybuilding…this package is for you.

You will receive additional support via ‘LIVE’ Facebook group coaching sessions, plus traditional support via email at any time that suits you.

The body transformation package is designed for all levels and open to all women of all ages, backgrounds around the globe!

Crissi will help you look at health and wellness in a very different way to most fitness coaches, whilst applying natural healing techniques in resetting your body to further enhanced results that are sustainable for life. You won’t be starved nor will, unsustainable practices be implemented.

Weight Training Program

You will receive exciting new workout program monthly, or as needed to keep you from getting bored or reaching plateaus.

Crissi will guarantee that you will burn off body fat while keeping and even building lean muscle whilst following this coaching program, ‘consistently’. The program is of course secondary to the meal planning, eating right is about 90% of what it takes to reach a lean healthy body, or getting on stage in the lean condition.

This program can be adapted to home training; therefore gyms are NOT a requirement. A cardio program is included in the program and tracked weekly.

Vegan Whole-Food Meal Planning

All meal planning and nutritional advice is whole-food vegan-­based. Plants, fruits, grains and selected vegan protein sources will be your energy source with recipes that contain no refined or very processed ingredients, no additives and no artificial products of any kind.

All meal plans are personalised for food intolerances such as; Gluten Free, Soy Free, Nut Free etc. 

Supplements are secondary and optional, not a necessity unlike other coaches ‘approach’ to health, fat-loss and fitness.

By adopting this lifestyle change, you will soon learn that being healthy isn’t just about restriction; nor do you have to eat boring meals to get into optimal condition. I will give you a diet plan that is the best for you, so that you won’t be left feeling hungry all the time, nor hit plateaus or rebound afterwards.

Vegan Fitness Model Crissi Carvalho’s philosophy is ‘health first always’ and ‘results are from the inside-­out’

How Does Online Coaching Work?

As your coach, I am here to answer any questions and to keep you on track throughout the program. 

Once signed up you will receive ‘all access’ to the ‘members exclusive portal section’ of the website,  you will receive all links to become part of the Vegan Fitness Model Private FB groups, these are great supportive community/family of my other clients currently on the program or finished their programs.

You will receive monthly 30-­minute Facebook e-­chat or call, food diary tracking (if required), monthly updated macro/caloric meal planning, training programs and loads of hints and tips plus workout tweaks along the way. I will guide you throughout your journey to reach your goals.

How Do You Get Started?

Sign up today and you will be emailed all the details shortly with all links along with access to the exclusive members’ area on this website, the Private Facebook group/s, my personal Facebook and more.

1+1 Coaching Monthly Package Includes:

  • 4 week Members’ Exclusive ‘body transformation’ Private Site Access**
  • 1 x 30min Facebook echat or WhatApps call Consultation
  • Weekly Email Check-ins
  • 1x Personalised Meal Planning + Macro Plan
  • 1x Training Program + Cardio Plan
  • Facebook Support Group & Q.A’s
  • Weekly Diary Tracking, Accountability & Monitoring
  • Unlimited Email Support from Crissi

Plus Receive These Bonuses

  • A copy of my best selling Vegan Fitness Food ebook ‘For a Lean Healthy Body – FREE
  • A copy of my NEW ‘VGN BKI BOD Bible’ – FREE
  • Lifetime Facebook Private Group Community access
  • PDFs on everything health, fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition and wellness
  • All downloadable & mobile ready PDFs including, shopping lists, recipes, plant-­based nutrition, reverse dieting and loads of comp prep guides


Throughout the program, Crissi will ask you to take measurements of yourself and/or photos plus keep a food and exercise diary, if aesthetic or body composition changes are your goals.

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**Please note: Membership access is for 4 weeks from the date of initial access to membership site. After 4 weeks, monthly coaching extensions are $200 per month

*Weekly diary tracking and email/phone/echat support is for a period of 4 weeks only.