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Whether you’re transitioning to a VEGAN lifestyle or wanting to learn more about a healthy plant-based living and drop some body fat, build muscle tone, this package is will is designed to help you ‘Reset you Body Clock’ from the inside out.

Make 2023 the year you feel & live a healthier, fitter and happier lifestyle!

If you’re transitioning over from an omnivore lifestyle to a more plant-based or looking to transform your body, this program is moulded to your exact requirements. There’s support and accountability to get to your goals faster, or take it step by step, and enjoy the journey…life truly is about the journey not just the destination.

This program is for anyone that is starting out on their vegan or fat-loss journey, via a healthy lean plant-based lifestyle. This is also, the perfect package for a ‘PRE-PREP’ to bikini competing or maybe you already train, or are vegan and have ‘dreams’ to compete one day….we work on getting your bodies inner terrain to a balanced homeostasis, ready for stage.

The GOLD ‘Reset your body clock’ program is designed to teach you simple ways of eating of plant-based eating, nutrition education, how to eliminate toxins out of the body, live in a chemical free home, choose products based on ethical production, live without pharmaceuticals, and eat all macro + micro nutrients – via balance in whole food fibrous plants.

NO extreme diet measures are taken, as I have devised a simple health questionnaire that will help me build the right nutrition and meal plan just for you.

I will give you advice on how to coordinate your workouts and your meals, along with tips, tricks and solutions to stay on track.

Weight Training Program

You will receive exciting new workout programs MONTHLY to keep you on track and from getting bored or reaching plateaus, programs are custom GYM or HOME body weight programs.

The program is customised, therefore can be adapted to home training, therefore gyms are NOT a requirement.

A cardio program is included in the program also, depending on the goals required.

Vegan Meal Planning

All meal planning and nutritional advice is whole-food Plant-based, NO oils.

Plants, fruits, grains and selected vegan protein sources will be your energy source with recipes and structured meal plan, with various choices per day.

If you have food intolerances, I can work with you and around many of these issues. If you currently have any eating disorders, please email me BEFORE signing up.

If you currently suffer any allergies, food intolerances use the contact form on this website, to communicate this all with me before signing up to any plan/package or program.

By adopting a Vegan whole-food lifestyle change, you will soon learn that building muscle and fat loss isn’t about harsh restriction; nor do you have to eat boring meals to get into optimal condition.

I will give you a diet plan that is the best for you, this will minimise feeling hungry or restricted overly, avoid hitting plateaus or rebound afterwards.

Vegan Fitness Model Crissi Carvalho’s philosophy is ‘health first always’.

How Does Online Group Coaching Work?

After signing up you will receive access to the ‘members’ exclusive section’ of the website, be required to fill out the health assessment form.  You will become part of the VFM Reset your Body clock’ Private Facebook group, this is a great supportive community.

However, this is not a 1+1 coaching program with me, you will be supported by me via emails, Facebook Group and I  will be answering all your questions via weekly FB lives

This GOLD package is an accountability + group support program with weekly email check-ins, and a monthly update of your program, macros and calories to keep the results coming..

If you feel you may require full coaching service,  more accountability and support, then best to purchase the ‘VIP’ Platinum package.

Every week,  I will cover important topics and answer all questions in detail in our private group, plus we always offer loads of hints and tips to make the journey more enjoyable..

It won’t be easy at times, but it will be worth it!!

Get Lean & Healthy 10-Week Program Includes:

  • 10-week Members’ Exclusive Private Site Access**
  • Membership Portal Access 
  • Personalised Meal Plan
  • Personalised Training Program
  • Weekly Check in via email
  • Weekly Nutritional & Detox Protocols sent via Email
  • Facebook Support Group & Live Q&A’s
  • Monthly updates on your training & nutrition as required.
  • Plus eBooks, Videos, PDF’s & more….
  • All downloadable & mobile ready PDFs including, shopping lists, recipes, plant-­based nutrition, reverse dieting and loads of comp prep guides
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*NO Personalised Coaching from Crissi, the GOLD package includes group coaching ONLY plus weekly LIVE Q.A’s, group support, and weekly email check-ins

**Monthly Membership upgrades ‘available soon’.